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LEOCON engineering solutions specializes in fixing and cladding systems, with an experience of over 20 years in the construction industry, and provide engineering services for projects, start to finish.  

LEOCON was established to provide our customers a variety of engineering services under one roof, which will allow them to progress with their projects in the most professional way for them, with a high level of service experience. LEOCON provides project consultation, structural design, detailing, and special engineering solutions for diverse fixing and cladding systems, for Israeli system manufacturers and construction companies. 

LEOCON engineering solutions was founded by Doron Ben-Ari, Structural Practical  Engineer, specializing in anchoring systems, lecturer in professional colleges and a  member of cladding systems committees in the ISI (Israeli Standard Institute). 

As part of our vision and activity, we invest continuous efforts in improving the  construction industry in Israel. though the Israeli cladding industry developed significantly in the last few years, there's always a room for improvement, and lot of  potential for smart fixing and cladding systems.  

Our company cooperate with a variety of manufacturing companies and construction companies in the industry, among our customers: Ytong, Longshine construction, Gav Yam, Orenstein, Greenberg Shneor and more.  

We would be glad to join forces.

Kind regards,  

Doron Ben-Ari


Thank you! we'll contact you soon!

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